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What is advertising? Through advertisement you will show your product to people who until now do not know your company. This way you will create a new group of customers which benefits your volume of trade.

Advertisement costs money, that is clear. So it is important to keep these costs within your budget and earn it back through the extra customers you will get by advertising. How? By aiming your advertisement to a specific audience.

When you want to advertise your company or product to a specific audience, a website of Keek IT&B could be your answer. The websites build and maintained by Keek IT&B are aimed at specific audiences. This way you can reach your target group with a minimum of costs.

On our websites you advertise with a banner. A banner is a picture of a certain size on which an advertisement can be shown.

You can choose out of two banner sizes:
  • the 468px by 60px, this is the regular horizontal banner which is placed at the top of the website.
  • the 120px by 600px, this is a “skyscraper” banner which is placed at the side of the content.
The banners will be displayed clearly visible. Either at the top of the website or at the side, clearly visible for people who are scrolling down with the content.

Are you interested in advertising on one of our websites? Don't hesitate and contact us by mail.
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