Keek IT&B

Company profile

The company “Keek IT&B” -Keek Informatie Technologie & Beheer*- is founded by Marnix Keek in August 2001 and located in the Netherlands. The activities are starting and maintaining websites of which the advertisement spaces are rented.


The websites run by Keek IT&B have to add first of all something new to the existing market. Therefore we will constantly try to innovate our websites and update them with new information. In our opinion this is the only way to keep a website interesting and attractive for the future.


The goal of Keek IT&B is starting websites with a “unique” subject. These websites have to attract a specific group of people which can be targeted for advertisement. To keep this target group as optimal as possible we do not advertise our websites. No, the websites from Keek IT&B are sites that have to be discovered. Either through search engines and link pages or through word of mouth advertisement.In short, we have websites for specific audiences on which our customers can advertise their company or product.


We would like to work with companies that, just like us, choose for quality and loyalty.

* Keek Information Technology & Management
Keek IT&B