Keek IT&B* is an informative site targeted at the Dutch used car market. On this website you will find an extensive collection of information which you can use during the purchase of a new used car. This information is not directed on putting certain dealerships or car brands down. No, on you can find information on how to recognise good and bad used cars.

Next to an extended collection of articles that can be used freely, this website has a forum. On this forum our visitors can ask their questions and state their opinions.

Currently we are collecting all the guarantee conditions car brands are giving on their used cars. We have made an inquiry that we asked the different car importers. With this inquiry we will give an overview of the guarantees and services of a brand dealer. Because all the importers get the same inquiry our visitors can compare the different guarantees and use it in their decision.

What makes unique? Because it is the only Dutch website that gives this amount of information about this subject.

Btw, we often get positive reactions of our visitors who have read the whole website and used our advice in practice.

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